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"fast, fun & easy Fabric Dyeing" by Lynn Koolish

Learn to dye fabric the quick and easy way. 12 can't miss techniques for adding custom color to fabric, clothing, linens and household goods.
Fast - Lynn teaches you the techniques that produce rich results with minimal time and effort
Fun - Learn to create lots of exciting color blends, patterns and textures
Easy - All you need to get started is this book, a few supplies, a measuring spoon, and some plastic containers
Soft cover, 63 pages    

BKFFEFD  $16.16

"Create Your Own Hand-printed Cloth"
by Rayna Gillman

You’ll never look at everyday objects in the same way after trying Rayna’s fun, foolproof approach toward printing on cloth. Her comprehensive book covers stamping and stenciling, screenprinting, gelatin plate printing, discharge printing, soy wax batik and lots more!!!


NEW!!! Complex Color - Color Mixing for WashFast Acid Dyes by Susan Rex

This spiral bound book contains a wealth of information on color theory, as well as the recipes for achieving 561 shades and tones,
using the WashFast Acid Dyes. This book is an excellent addition to your library and
perfect companion to Susan’s first book, "Dyeing Wool and Other Protein Fibers".

BKCC   $29.95


NEW!!! Deconstructed Screen Printing DVD by Kerr Grabowski

You are going to love this DVD! Artist Kerr Grabowski gives very clear instructions, while showing you how to create organic images with the silk screen, through the use of found objects and thickened MX dye. Once the screen is dry, you then print with print paste to release and breakdown the thickened dye. Each pass with the squeegee releases more and more of the dye, and no two consecutive images/patterns will ever be alike. This exciting process of deconstructed screen printing can be done on both fabric and paper! The DVD also has an inspiring section of student work and a Gallery of artists using this process in their own work. There are 2 DVDs, with a runtime of approximately 3½ hours. DSPDVD - $39.95

"The Painted Quilt"
by Linda and Laura Kemshall
Co-authors Linda and Laura Kemshall are renowned for their innovative approaches to textiles. “The Painted Quilt” demystifies the process of coloring cloth using a variety of techniques including fabric paints, pastels, dyes, bleaches and transfers.
This book combines simple techniques to produce complex textile surfaces, and describes exactly how these effects are achieved with easy-to-understand step-by-step
photographs and instructions.
  BKTPQ - $22.45

“Shibori - A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Color & Texture On Fabric”
 by Lynne Caldwell
Learn a variety of traditional methods of folding and clamping, stitching and gathering, arashi
(pole wrapping), and binding to enhance cloth with interesting motifs and shapes. The steps are straightforward and easy to accomplish: prepare the fabric, apply one of the techniques, dye and dry your work, then remove the wraps, stitches or gathers to reveal the beautiful motifs hidden within.
The end result is a myriad of gorgeous designs that will delight sewers and fabric lovers alike.
BKBSHIB  $17.95

"The Surface Designer's Handbook" by Holly Brackmann

Learn to create richly patterned fabrics with The Surface Designer’s Handbook, the most
comprehensive book for learning how dyes work and using them with surface design techniques.
Author Holly Brackmann draws on more than 30 years of experience with dyeing techniques,
providing a wealth of information on dyeing and surface design not found in any book currently in print.
The Surface Designer’s Handbook will help crafters understand which dyes work best with which fibers, and how to apply this knowledge to create unique, original fabrics. Begin by learning the basics of studio practices and safety measures, appropriate fibers and fabrics, and then move into all aspects of the major dye groups most accessible to studio dyers: fiber reactive, acid, vat, and disperse. The dyes are then used to alter and change surfaces by discharging, screen printing, monoprinting, stamping, stenciling, resist dyeing, dévoré, and painting.
Then learn how to embellish your fabric with foiling, embroidery, beadwork, or collage.

Recipes for dyes and techniques covered in the book are accompanied by step-by-step instructions and process photographs, making them clear and easy to follow.

The hardback format with concealed spiral binding makes The Surface Designer’s Handbook easy to use.
The dye worksheet can be used to calculate and record dyes, chemicals, procedures, and costs for all dye projects. Color photos of works from some of the top fiber artists today that are included throughout the
book are certain to inspire artists of any background.

The Surface Designer’s Handbook will appeal to a wide audience of students, teachers, hobbyists, or beginner surface design artists. Whether you’re an experienced dyer or surface designer or you’re just starting out, this book is certain to become your essential reference tool!

BKSDH  Great Price!  $26.95

"Rughooker’s Palette" by Mary Sue Layton

This collection of 95 primitive colors using combinations of the WashFast Acid Dyes will be a wonderful addition to any rughooker or wool dyer’s studio. On the back of each sample is the 2 or 3 color recipe, measured using the Grey Dye Spoons. Included are directions for dyeing 3" x 12" strips of wool,
as well as yardage.
Great Price  $44.95

"Sun-Kissed Quilts & Crafts" by Barbara K. Baker & Jeri Boe
Sun printing is magical and the technique can be used to print fabric, paper, and more,  with stunning results. Learn numerous ways to work with our Setacolor Transparent Fabric Paints, including salt techniques, using sand, scrunching and layering of colors. Sun-Kissed Quilts & Crafts shows how to use these fabrics in quilts, pillows, and wall hangings, plus no-sew crafts like an apron,
lampshades, and cards. 

"WashFast Acid Dye Gradation Sample Book"
by Mary Sue Layton

This 3 ring binder contains actual dyed wool swatches of a 8 step gradation using all 93 colors of our WashFast Acid Dyes. It also supplies you with step by step directions to complete each gradation. A resource you will use, over and over again for dyeing wool and other protein fibers!

"Dyeing to Knit" by Elaine Eskesen
If you’ve always longed to dye and knit with your own yarns, this is the book for you! Great information on design and working with color. After learning the basics of dyeing with WashFast Acid Dyes,
try a variety of handpainting techniques for unique yarns. Includes 21 patterns from scarves
to sweaters, hats to mittens

Dyeing to Knit Kit!

One ounce each of WashFast Acid Dye Colors: Fuchsia WF349, Sun Yellow WF119, Brilliant Blue WF490, Brilliant Violet WF817, Jet Black WF672, 2ounces Citric Acid Crystals, 1ounce of Synthrapol.  DTKKIT- $24.95
Dyeing to Knit Book & Kit Special:

"Primary Fusion" by Ingrid Hieronimus
This formula book introduces basic color theory using 4 WashFast Acid dyes - Magenta 338, Brilliant Blue 490, Sun Yellow 119 and Black 672. There are recipes for achieving 58 colors from around the color wheel, geared toward the rug hooker.  $21.95

"Multiple Fusion Spots"
by Ingrid Hieronimus
This book introduces you to the spot dyeing method as well as some variations. There are recipes for achieving 105 colors, geared toward the rug hooker, along with information on hooking
a stained glass pattern
. $29.95

"Primary Fusion Spots" by Ingrid Hieronimus
This new addition to her other popular books, introduces basic color theory using 4 WashFast Acid dyes - Magenta 338, Brilliant Blue 490, Sun Yellow 119 and Black 672. There are recipes for achieving 90 colors from around the color wheel, geared toward the rug hooker.
Included are step by step instructions on how to spot dye as well as some of the variations. Following this method, you will be able to produce beautiful spotted wool and information on how to hook a stained glass design.
Soft cover, 30 pages.  

"Color in Spinning"
by Deb Menz
  Soft Cover with 240 pages
This is a practical guide to color for hand spinners. In-depth discussions and illustrated demonstrations of immersion dyeing, painting, spinning and plying multicolored fibers. This book inspires the
novice and expert alike. 

Special Kits to accompany The book "Color In Spinning"

Color in Spinning Kit #1

10gram jars of each Sabraset color: Sun Yellow 180, Mustard Yellow 182, Scarlet 380, Turquoise 480, Royal Blue 483, Jet Black 680,   WashFast Acid Magenta 338, Sodium Acetate, & Synthrapol.
Kit does not contain directions.

Color in Spinning Kit #2 
10gram jars of each Sabraset color: Magenta 385, Deep Red 383, Navy 485, and Violet 880.
Does not include auxiliary products.
Kit does not contain directions.

Color in Spinning Kit #3
10 grams jar of each Sabracron F color: Sun Yellow F-11, Gold Yellow F-14, Flame Scarlet F-31,
  Fuchsia F-35,  Turquoise F-40, Brilliant Blue F-42,  Deep Navy F-47, Earth Brown F-53,
Rich Black F-61,   Royal Purple F-83 , Soda Ash, & Synthrapol. Kit does not contain directions.

   "Dyeing Wool and Other Protein Fibers" by Susan Rex
       "An Introduction to Acid Dyes"  Soft Cover, 148 pages
This book is a complete guide to dyeing yarn, fleece, prepared fiber, silk scarves and painted warps using a wide variety of brands of acid dyes. Directions are given for mixing dye, immersion dyeing, and applying the dye directly to the fiber. As well as exercises in color mixing and color value, this book contains clear step-by-step instructions, which allow you to obtain repeatable dye results. Great Price!   $36.95

"Improvisational Screen Printing"
by Jane Dunnewold
Soft cover, Spiral Bound, 93 pages
Improvisational Screen Printing
contains color images of each technique presented, starting with detailed information on the basics of silk screening. Jane leads you through two basic approaches to making silkscreens: impermanent screen surfaces and permanent ones. Screen printing techniques using paper stencils, flour paste screens, dye on the screen, as well as photo emulsion, thermofax screens and acrylic paint surfaces, are just a few of the numerous techniques presented.
This is an excellent resource for the beginner as well as the advanced screen printer
. $36.00

"Improvisational Screen Printing"DVD by Jane Dunnewold
  A Must have for your collection! The ever so popular book is now available in DVD format. $33.00

Special Kits to accompany The book & DVD "Improvisational Screen Printing"

Improvisational Kit #1

 10grams each of  MX Golden Yellow 104  MX Sun Yellow 108  MX Mixing Red 305,
  MX Strongest Red 312N, MX Turquoise 410,  MX Mixing Blue 402c, MX Black 608,
100grams PRO Soda Ash, 100grams PRO Urea, 100 grams PRO Print Paste Mix SH, 1oz Synthrapol SP,
1/2 lb Microcrystalline Wax,  MX Direct Application Directions.  ISPKIT1- 

Improvisational Kit #2
1ounce each of  White INK01,  Golden Yellow INK12,  Red INK35,  Light Turquoise INK41,
True Blue INK45, Olive INK73, Purple INK84,  Jet Black INK60, Yellow Gold BRT7,
Dark Silver BRT2, & 1/2 lb. Microcrystalline Wax,  PROfab Textile Paint Directions
ISPKIT2- $19.95

BKISP/KIT1            Improvisational Book and Kit #1 Special          $54.25
BKISP/KIT2            Improvisational Book and Kit #2 Special          $50.45
BKISP/BOTHKITS  Improvisational Book and Both Kits Special     $72.00

"Complex Cloth DVD" by Jane Dunnewold
This two DVD set demonstrates techniques drawn from her book "Complex Cloth" (Fiber studio Press, 1996). Jane also discusses stamp and stencil making and talks extensively about silk screen printing in this easy to follow and entertaining video workshop. All information from the original book is updated and expanded. This is one of the best resources around. Whether you want to get started with fabric printing, or whether you are advanced and want some new ideas to spark your creativity!
Running time 2 hrs 43 min. "NEW" Lower Price Was $75.00  Just Reduced to $69.95

"Transforming Fabric "
by Carolyn Dahl
"30 Creative Ways to Paint, Dye and Pattern Cloth"
Soft cover, 160 pages "Transforming Fabric" is the next best thing to having a master artist in his studio. Readers will be inspired as they follow step-by-step photographs and instructions full of hints and secrets for using luminous color to transform white cloth into artistic masterpieces. This book contains lots of fresh ideas to create fabrics for wearable art and home decor.
List price $23.99  
PRO Price $21.59

Special Kits to accompany the book "Transforming Fabric"
Transforming Fabric/Dye Kit#1
Contains the following 10grams jars of PRO MX Dyes
Lemon Yellow 114, Scarlet 300, Fuchsia 308, Mixing Blue 402c, Turquoise 410, Navy 412,
Cotton Black 602A, Reddish Purple 804, PRO Dye Activator, Urea, Print Paste Mix SH, Sabrasilk Resist,
Anti-Chlor, Beeswax, Medium Tjanting Tool, Synthrapol and directions.

Transforming Fabric/Paint Kit#2
Contains one 1oz. jar of the following PROfab Textile Paints:
Brilliant Yellow 11, Bright Red 36, Magenta 37, Purple 804, Turquoise 43, Emerald 72, Jet Black 60, White Opaque 01, Base Extender, 1 oz jars of PRObrite Antique Gold 8CL, Dark Silver 02 & directions 

BKTF/KIT1    Transforming Fabric Book and Kit #1 Special   $47.75
BKTF/KIT2    Transforming Fabric Book and Kit #2 Special   $38.75
BKTF/BOTHKITS   Transforming Fabric Book and Both Kits Special   $64.90

This book is now Out Of Print and we have no more copies,
however the kits can still be purchased.

"Off-The-Shelf Fabric Painting"
by Sue Beever

Off The Shelf Fabric PaintingKit #1

One ounce each of  Golden Yellow INK12, Red INK35, Blue INK 46, 1/2 ounce each of  Lemon Yellow OPQ10, White OPQ01, Leaf Green OPQ76, Opaque Base Extender, 2oz Yellow Gold BRT7. $13.95

Off The Shelf Fabric PaintingKit #2
One ounce each of Salmon INK23, Tropical Melon INK29, Golden Pineapple INK17, Key Lime INK74, Sage INK75, Periwinkle INK401, 1oz Yellow Gold BRT7, 1.25oz Sabrasilk Resist and 3 assorted tips.  $12.95

Off The Shelf Fabric PaintingKit #3
One ounce each of Colonial Gold INK15, Tropical Melon INK29, Rust INK51, Cranberry INK309, Olive INK73, Brilliant Violet INK81, Navy INK49, Silver BRT1, 1.25oz Sabrasilk Resist & 3 assorted tips.  $13.95

Off The Shelf Fabric PaintingKit #4
One ounce each of Country Blue INK407, Teal Blue INK409, Sage INK75, Hunter Green INK78,
Cranberry INK309, Spiced Plum INK86, Colonial Gold INK15,  Silver BRT1, Antique Gold BRT8CL,
1.25oz Sabrasilk Resist, and 3 assorted tips.

Off The Shelf Fabric PaintingKit #5
One ounce each of Navy INK49, Hunter Green INK78,  Brilliant Violet INK81,  Colonial Gold INK15, 
Rust INK51, Cranberry INK309,  Periwinkle INK401,  Tropical Melon INK29, 2oz of INK Base Extender,
1oz of  Silver BRT1, Antique Gold BRT8CL, Cranberry BRT309, Teal Blue BRT409.

Off The Shelf Fabric PaintingKit #6
Two ounces each of Lemon Yellow OPQ10, Red OPQ35, True Blue OPQ45, 1oz Opaque Base Extender,
1oz  White OPQ01,  2 ounces of Lemon Yellow INK10, Red INK35, True Blue INK45
 2oz of Ink Base Extender.

"Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green"
by Michael Wilcox
Soff Cover, 220 Pages.  This book transforms color mixing with paint from a haphazard affair into a thinking process.  We have found that the same principles for mixing with paint apply to mixing with dyes.  For immediate results, color exercises can be explored with our PROfab textile paint sampler.  List $27.99    PRO Price $24.30 

PROfab Textile Paint Sampler
Contains one 1oz. jar of the following PROfab Textile Transparent Paints. 
INK01 White, INK10 Lemon Yellow, INK35 Red, INK45 True Blue,
  INK60 Jet Black, INK70 Kelly Green, PROfab Base Extender and directions. SINK.1  
   Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green Book and Kit   $33.25

Sky Dyes - A Visual Guide to Fabric Painting"
by Mickie Lawler
Soft Cover, 112 pages  This book is perfect for beginner fabric painters, those who have dabbed with paints on fabric, and those who do not want to be limited by current trends and color choices available commercially.  Straight forward instructions explain Mickey's playful and relaxed approach to painting techniques.  Easy to follow exercises show you how to create skies, earth, seas, and gardens. 
List Price $24.95 
Our Price $22.45

A great way to try the hottest fabric paints on the market today.

Pebeo Setacolor Transparent Kit
Contains the following ten colors:  PST13 Buttercup, PST17 Lemon Yellow,
PST23 Oriental Red, PST26 Vermillion, PST29 Parma Violet, PST11 Cobalt Blue, PST12 Ultramarine Blue, PST15 Emerald Green, PST19 Black Lake PSE10 Opaque Titanium White. 
PSTKIT $28.90

BKSKYDYES/PSTKIT   Skydyes Book & Setacolor 10-Pack Kit = Book & Kit Special   $49.25

This book is now Discontinued from our line,however the kits can still be purchased.
"Basic Guide to Dyeing & Painting Fabric"

Special Kits to accompany The book "Basic Guide to Dyeing & Painting Fabric"

PROcion MX 6-Dye Sampler

Contains one 10gm. jar of the following PRO MX Dyes and auxiliaries:

Sun Yellow 108, Mixing Red 305, Mixing Blue 402c, Cotton Black 602A, 
Leaf Green 700N,  Reddish Purple 804, PRO Dye Activator & directions.
SMX $11.95

PROfab Paint Sampler
A great combination of  PROfab Transparent, Opaque and Pearlescent Textile Paint:

 Contains one 1oz. jar of the following colors:
Lemon Yellow INK10, Red INK35, True Blue INK45, White OPQ01,
  Black OPQ60, Light Silver BRT1B, Yellow Gold BRT7B & directions.
  SPROFAB  $12.95


       "Shibori: Creating Color & Texture On Silk" by Karen K. Brito
In this book Karen shares her wealth and knowledge of silk, dyes, dyeing and discharging to create sumptuous shibori fabrics.  Also learn how to formulate colors, create a variety of resists and set texture in silk fabrics. This book is beautifully illustrated giving the reader a thorough understanding of each step in the shibori process, creating original designs.      

List Price $24.95  Our Price $22.45

Creating Color & Texture On Silk Kit:

 contains one 20gm jar of the following Lanaset/Sabraset dye and auxiliaries:
Mustard 182, Deep Red 383, Royal Blue 483, Jet Black 680, Sodium Acetate, Glauber Salt, and Albegal Set.
Also includes one 10gm. jar each of the following WashFast Acid dye:
Golden Yellow 199c, Fuchsia 349, National Blue 425c, Brilliant Violet 817, Ammonium Sulfate, Calsolene Oil, Thiox, Soda Ash, Synthrapol and Directions.
 BRITOKIT  $30.95

 BKSHBS/BRITOKIT  Shibori Book and Creating Color & Texture Kit  $48.50

This book is now Out Of Print and we have no more copies, however the kits can still be purchased.

Special Kits to accompany The book "Natural Impressions"

 Leaf and Flower Printing Kit  
 Contains one 1oz.  jar of the following PROfab Textile Paints:

Lemon Yellow 10, Carmine 32, Magenta 37, Purple 84, Turquoise 43,
Emerald 72, Marine 48 and Jet Black 60.  DAHLKIT1  $14.95

Fish Printing Kit
 Contains one 2oz. jar of the following PROfab Textile Paints:
Scarlet 30, Marine 48, Slate Blue 44, Navy 49, Jet Black 60   Olive 73
 DAHLKIT2  $12.95

"Color By Accident"
by Ann Johnston
Spiral bound, hard cover, 95 pages.  A great workbook and reference guide for both beginner and experienced dyers.  This book is divided into five chapters.  Each recipe uses small amounts of water and no salt, giving the dyer a spontaneous one-of-a-kind result. 
  List Price $ 24.95   Our Price $22.45  
Exploring Colors Kit

Contains the following  PRO MX dye and auxiliaries:

Sun Yellow 108, Golden Yellow 104, Fuchsia 308, Brightest Blue 404, Soda Ash,
Synthrapol, Urea & directions.
  EXPLORE  $10.95

 BKCBA/EXPLORE  Color by Accident Book & Exploring Color Kit   $30.50

"Color By Design" by Ann Johnston
Spiral bound hard cover, 168 pages,  Color By Design teaches you how to paint and print with MX dyes, in very easy step by step instructions.  Exercises progress from simple to complex and include a variety of options for all levels of dyers.   You'll learn more and more about color and design as you work through each chapter and build up a collection of beautiful fabrics.
List Price $29.95
   Our Price $26.95

Special Kits to accompany The book "Color by Design"

  Color By Design Kit # 1
Kit contains the following PRO MX dye and auxiliaries:
Golden Yellow 104, Sun Yellow 108, Mixing Red 305, Fuchsia 308, Intense Blue 406, Turquoise 410, Black 604,  Soda Ash, PRO Print Paste Mix SH, Synthrapol and directions.
CBDKIT#1   $20.95

 Color By Design Kit # 2 
Contains the following Items only:
Potato & Corn Dextrin, Presist  and directions.  

 BKCBD/CBDKIT1     Color By Design Book and Kit #1      $44.95
    Color By Design Book an Kit #2         $40.95
BKCBD/BOTHKITS  Color By Design Book and Both Kits  $58.95

"Shibori:  The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing"
by Yoshiko Wada, Mary Kellog Rice and Jane Barton
Soft Cover 301 pages, Now in paperback!  (Hardcover originally sold for $120.00) This book teaches you the various methods of patterning cloth by pinching, twisting, stitching, folding, pleating and wrapping on a pole.  You can use almost all of our dyes with these techniques. 
List Price $48.00
  Our Price $43.20

Indigo Sampler

Great for experimenting with the traditional method of dyeing Shibori. 
This kit makes a three gallon vat and includes:
Synthetic Indigo, Lye, Metaphos, Synthrapol and Directions. 
   Shibori Book and Indigo Sampler   $53.95

"Dyes & Paints" by Elin Noble
A MUST HAVE!  Winner of the 1999 Independent Publishers Book Awards - Best - How - To Book.  Soft Cover 164 pages.  This is a comprehensive handbook that covers the fundamentals of using MX fiber reactive dyes and textile paints.  Step by step dye and paint procedures cover fool proof ways to permanently pattern on fabric.  It includes 17 basic dye procedures from immersion dyeing to direct application, color mixing, troubleshooting, and safety information. 
List Price $34.95  Our Price $31.45

Special Kits to accompany The book "DYES & PAINTS"

Dyes & Paints Dye Kit
Contains three MX Dye colors and auxiliaries:  
Sun Yellow 108, Fuchsia 308, Intense Blue 406, Print Paste Mix Sh, Urea, PRO Dye Activator, Presist,
Sabra Silk Resist, Synthrapol and directions.
  DPDYEKIT  $22.95

Dyes & Paints Paint Kit
Contains three bottles of Pebeo Setacolor Transparent Paint: 
PST11 Cobalt Blue, PST17 Lemon Yellow, PST49 Fuchsia. Also includes four Marbling colors Lemon Yellow M10, Red M36, Black M60, Blue M46, and Colorless Extender MCX, Marbling Surfactant, Synthrapol, Alum, Methyl Cel, Clear Household Ammonia and directions.
  DPPAINTKIT  $24.95

BKDPEN/DYE KIT         Dyes and Paints Book and Dye Kit    $52.00
BKDPEN/PAINTKIT      Dyes and Paints Book and Paint Kit   $54.00
BKDPEN/BOTHKITS     Dyes and Paints Book and Both Kits  $74.95

"Tie-Dye The How-To Book"
by Virginia Gleser
Soft cover 96 pages.  Learn the secrets of tie-dye and create your own beautiful fabrics and clothing.  This user friendly book shows you how to make 7 designs with photos of each tie dye and dye stage with a full color photo of the end result.  Our PRO Tie Dye kit is a great companion to experiment with ideas inspired by this book. List Price $12.95  Our Price $11.65


Learn How to Tie-Dye DVD
Whether you are new to tie-dyeing or even if you’re an advanced tie-dyer,
you will learn numerous methods of creating professional looking tie-dyes.
The first part of this DVD covers all of the basics - tools, chemicals used, folding and tying cotton, choosing colors and lots more. The second part of the DVD shows 10 different patterns: 3 swirls, stripes, wavy lines, crinkle patterns and more.
Tie-Dye DVD ... $29.95

 PRO Tie Dye Kit
Contains the following PRO MX colors and Auxiliaries:
Sun Yellow 108, Fuchsia 308, Brightest Blue 404, Reddish Purple 804, Urea, PRO Chem Flakes, PRO Dye Activator, Synthrapol, 4 x 8oz. Squeeze bottles & gloves. TDKIT  $15.95

BKTD/TDKIT   Tie Dye Book and Kit    $24.50 


Unfortunately, books are non-returnable.
Prices are subject to change without notice